Welcome Letter


Let’s get to it! If you are reading this it’s more than likely because you followed me from my private blog. I’m anxious to get you over here to check things out. It looks different….so here’s a tour (and some ground rules : )

1. Up and to the right you’ll see a “Stay in the loop” section. Click there and enter your email if you’d like to receive an email when I post something new.

2. Comment away! I actually want you to comment at least once and tell me what it’s like. I’m hoping it’s simple and easy (read: you don’t have to create-yet another! username/password to do so).

3. In the spirit of deterring potential stalkers, identity thefts, kidnappers and occasional anonymous gifts on my doorstep I will be using the following to refer to my immediate family:

me: La Gringa.

my husband: El Guapo (of course).

oldest daughter: S

middle: A

youngest: M (for her most commonly used nickname and her first name starts with the same as one of her other sisters so I couldn’t use it again : )

That’s it! I’ll be back for more later-this is so exciting!



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