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“A simple life in the fear of God is better than a rich life with a ton of headaches.” Proverbs 15:16 (MSG)

This verse is great. It’s a motto that I want to live by. I joke with my girlfriends that I have these strange, quirky things that I do throughout my daily routines that keep me thinking simply. For example:

1. No sleep aids. I’m not choosy about which side of the bed I sleep on, the type of pillow that’s under my head. You never know when God will call us overseas and I will be ready!

2. Low maintenance clothing. No ironing, dry cleaning, hand washing. I also consider it a challenge to put an outfit together from the various thrift store and garage sale purchases I’ve made over the years.

3. Eat anything! Okay, that’s a lie. I don’t like seafood or pudding-like textures. Big trouble if the Lord sends us to a coastal city.

4. I’m not super picky about cleanliness. I’m not a germaphobe and am a firm believer that if it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make you (or your intestines) stronger.

5. We are selling our house. We want to simplify. I purposefully put this one last, as this might be news to some of you and I wanted to tell you after you read all the stuff above : ) that was mean. I’m sorry. We are trying to move back into our rental home (it’s the first house we ever bought, about 30 minutes. from where we currently live and is 1/3 the size of our current casa and is the house in the photo above). Most people think we are completely crazy.  a)”The girls are getting bigger and will need more room”. b)”Do you really think you can squeeze 3200 square feet into 1100?”. c)”The neighborhood isn’t safe there”.

a) Although the girls are older, they have less “stuff” that takes up room and are interested in things that cost money (dance, sports, piano, etc.) Did I mention we’d save over $10k/year by moving?

b) No. Which excites me. I’m looking forward to simplifying. It’s completely true that when given space, we fill it. I don’t need 4 pairs of flip flops, 8 cake pans and 4 toilets (to clean). Did I mention our rental can be cleaned by plugging the vacuüm into one outlet?

c) The neighborhood is diverse. It’s older and like most neighborhoods built in the 50’s is filled with great-grandparents or Latin Americans with lots of cars. parked on the grass. I’m okay with that, though. I am big believer in giving our girls the opportunity to see the world for how it is (not manicured lawns, closed garage doors and white people riding their bikes to Starbucks).

It’s nice to live here, don’t get me wrong. If the house doesn’t sell by February (when our current tenant needs to be out) we will just rent out the rental and stay put, and swim all summer at the community pool, and ride our bikes to Starbucks.

La Gringa.


9 thoughts on “Simplifying

  1. Amen to everything you said!! I think we must be on the same page of whatever book we’re both reading. We are trying to sell our house too. Six years ago we bought this fancy dancy (it’s really not that fancy, but nicer than we need) house because it was the cool thing to do and now we’re realizing that it’s not all that cool. We want to sell our house and get an RV and travel for a couple of years. However, the market is soooo slow here and we will likely lose a ton of money if we sell, so we will see……I love that you have a new public blog. WordPress is awesome. I’ve used it before and like it a lot better than Blogger, but I’m kind of stuck with Blogger at the moment because I’m too lazy to migrate. Anyway, thanks for putting me on your blogroll!! Love you!! I look forward to reading your blog.


  2. Jamie says:

    Lori, I love your new blog (beautiful), your new blog name (creative as always… and funny), and especially your motto… “A simple life in the fear of God is better than a rich life with a ton of headaches.” We should all live as though that were our motto. It made me think of Psalm 84:10 “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.” With the kind of attitude toward God that I know you have, I think no matter where you live (or what side of the bed you sleep on) you will be open to whatever God has in store for you, and you will live a blessed life… in Denver, Reunion or even Parker!


  3. Amy y says:

    Whoa! Somehow I missed the for sale sign across the street! We will be sad to see you go but I understand what you mean about simplifying…. Good luck!


  4. sherry says:

    You know the best place you can be is in the middle of wherever God puts you…. Small houses work, you just keep it simple. I do only have to clean 1 bathroom. You have got to go read this, great looks on all of this…and project333, do you think you could get your clothing down to 33 things? I’m not there yet, but am aspiring to begin there, while doing the seasonal sort of clothes, because when you live in a small house, you biennially change over the clothes. I hope it sells right on time, for the right price, making the best for your family!


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