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Homeschool appetite

I just realized, thanks to the Lord and my time with him this morning, that I home school like I eat!!


You see-I don’t always eat that healthily although I know what is good for me, I enjoy a cracker over an apple, cookie dough over, well, anything. I enjoy eating everything. I don’t often savor the flavor-okay, that’s not true, I enjoy really good food, but I often choose to eat a lot of it-and then feel really fat and bad afterwards.

I do this with our school lessons, too! I get really excited about something and we “eat” a lot of it at once. Then we put it down and move on to something else-without really being able to digest the things prior.

I’m still getting a handle on this idea-and what the Lord wants me to do with this new wisdom He’s imparted to me…

Excuse me while I go make breakfast-I think we’ll have a very balanced meal…at least today.

La Gringa

p.s. that pizza was really good, by the way. It was in Brooklyn. I want to go to there.


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