Making an Impression

I was blessed to be at Sally Clarkson’s house last night-for the second time! I can’t tell you what an amazing privilege it is to sit next to a woman who I have looked to for inspiration, wisdom, vision and encouragement  in my mothering over the past four years since first reading her book Mission of Motherhood.

She is the real deal, folks. I mean, who gets to go the house of someone who’s books you’ve read, blogs you’ve er, skimmed (her posts are really long : ) and whose conferences you attend?! It’s just craziness!

Last night was a mini-training for those who will be at her conference this year and would like to be available to help. I’ve volunteered to be a prayer person-ready to pray with women who need just that after each workshop. I was encouraged by the other women that were at her home-it’s so wonderful being surrounded by women who are real. Really wanting to love their kids, really struggling to love them at times and really fired up for all God has for them and their family.

Sally has made a huge impression on me-one that I cherish and will keep in that special place in my heart that I reserve for very few.

I also made an impression on the car parked behind mine while I attempted to leave early (before the other cars behind me were ready to leave). That’s a bummer. But as the owner of said car graciously exclaimed, “It’s only a car!”.

Blessings on your day today! And don’t forget to check out Sally’s upcoming conferences wherever you live. She’s the real deal, and I wouldn’t’ want you to miss out!

La Gringa


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