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Waste not, want not: Leftovers Part Uno

I love not throwing anything away…but sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with, ugh, that broccoli that’s been in the back of the fridge for a few days. I’ll share one idea I have below, and another in a few days. Here’s to making the most of what we have!

Who on earth really likes leftovers? Granted, some things do taste better the next day, but certainly not 5 days later. My cousin suggested this simple remedy for aging casseroles, potatoes, rice and veggies in your fridge. She shared her idea with me a few years ago and we’ve been crazy for it ever since!

Dump it (ALL of it-and by “it” I mean every leftover you have in your fridge) into a pot-no matter how different the flavors. Heat, purée using an immersion blender or regular blender and add chicken broth to achieve desired consistency. Serve with fresh rolls.

I’m pretty sure you are all doubting me right now…so to bring this home I will share with you what we just ate last night-everyone loved it at our house-asking for seconds! This one we did last night lacked meat-but some leftover chicken or steak or ham would be lovely in it, too.

Dump-Soup (I know, it’s a horrible name, but it reminds me of the ever-loved dump cake, so I had to name it this way)

2 tubs of mashed potatoes

1 sweet potato (this was uncooked but we microwaved for 5 minutes before throwing it, sliced, into the pot)

1 small tub of cooked carrots

1 small tub of steamed broccoli with sun-dried tomatoes

5 sprigs fresh parsley

2 tsp. chicken base/bouillon

5+cups of water

I dumped all of this (except the water) into the crockpot until it was bubbling around the edges. Then I plunged my immersion blender all around and pureed everything. It was pretty thick so I added a couple of cups of water and set it on low for the rest of the day. About an hour before serving I thought it looked too thick so I added more water until it was just right.

We ate it with rolls and a dollop of sour cream and hot sauce (for the grown-ups). It was so good-we all seriously could not get enough…and the best part-there’s just enough left for a single serving lunch-that’s it! My fridge is cleaned out, we’re less wasteful and enjoyed soup on a day where the temperature didn’t rise above 20 degrees all day!

Seriously, this works!



5 thoughts on “Waste not, want not: Leftovers Part Uno

  1. I have a friend who does this same thing. She freezes her leftovers all together in a big tub or something then dumps it in her crockpot when she’s ready. I’m a bit nervous to do it but so very tempted! I hate, hate, hate, throwing out leftovers and I absolutely have them every week when I clean out the fridge. I’ve just gotta be brave and try it! (and have a frozen pizza in the freezer for back up if it doesn’t work…). Thanks for sharing!


  2. I was imagining a sad ending to this story and though I believe you that it was good, at 6am with my coffee sitting here, my stomach turned over a few times thinking about the soup. We’ll have to give it a try :>).


    • ha! I do have to say my friend tried it out on her kids and they didn’t like it (albeit they are particular eaters ; ) They were unsure of what was in it and wanted to SEE it…let me know if you do try it and how it turns out! If not, try the idea in Part Dos…maybe you could do a Chinese British accent to really bring it home : )


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