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A Better Mom

I’m headed to the MomHeart conference today and tomorrow. There are a total of nine of us that will be there (of my friends). Three are coming from Pagosa Springs (of which I only know one personally) and the other six are from ’round here. I think there’s about 200 mommas coming altogether.

I’m anxious to share with you my “take-aways” from my time. I’m also anxious to leave my children with my parents and then my husband, drive down to the hotel with a friend I’m way overdue on catching up with, eating pizza and (oh-i need to bake cookies!) and getting completely re-energized for the next few months. I kind of feel like I did when I had “Senior-itis” in high school or college.

As a side note-I explained to A (the middle child) about how I would be leaving today to learn how to be a better mom.
I asked her if she thought there was anything I needed to learn.  “Oh yes!” she said. She also said:

“Oh, I hope you learn a lot. Like a million things. Like that you shouldn’t yell at your kids and you should give them whatever they want when they ask you for things and that you should obey them more, like when I say ‘Mom, can you come here I have something to show you’ you’ll actually come and see it”

Well, I guess that’s what I get for asking! Sheesh.

Here’s to a great weekend for all of us!

La Gringa


2 thoughts on “A Better Mom

  1. Jamie says:

    OMGosh, that totally sounds like something A would say… speaking of which, I love that picture… thanks for the reminder I wanted to save this one to our jpg file. Can’t wait to hear what all ya’ll got out of this conference. Hope you have a great time and come back rearing and ready to go!


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