Mixed Emotions

While I’m anxious to share with you the amazing, inspiring and encouraging weekend I had at the conference, my heart is with my family as my grandma passed away today. I am thankful for the 34 years I had with her here on earth and look forward to seeing her again. I am glad for her, she suffered a long time in her earthly body-most recently from cancer and for so long from back pain. I will honor her in other ways here, but for now all my emotions are being used in the hard copy version of my life.

Thanks for following with me along our journey here at LaStradaTostada. We will be celebrating my grandmother’s life in California for a couple of weeks. Not sure how much I will update the blog between now and then. I’ll be back!


La Gringa


6 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions

    • Thanks, Mel! You are so sweet. I wish our California times were going to intersect this go around…but alas, we miss each other again! I’d like to get together with some high school friends while I’m there…hopefully facebook will help with that. I think Stace said she was going…not sure if she’ll still be there during the time I’m there or not. We’ll see.

      How was the showing? (I’m a bit behind in blog and fb catch up so forgive me if you’ve already updated us on that : ) Lori


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