Activity-kids, Sisters

I miss you!

Lovin' on Dad before he leaves

Hello friends.

I miss blogging! I also miss my husband, whom I haven’t seen in two weeks. I also miss Denver traffic (we got nothin’ on the 101, the 405, the 10 and the 210). If you’ve driven in California, you know what I mean!

I also miss working out-there is a very large lump of fat between my lap top and my rib cage. Oh man!

Travelin' girls

I miss my grandma, but we had a wonderful service for her last weekend and am ready to move on with her in my heart (and several of her dishes on my shelves)!

She turned 10!!!

I also miss sleeping. I always stay up way too late when I don’t have a husband to snuggle in bed. Something about a head whacking 10-year-old doesn’t send me galloping off to bed each night!

Nothing more needs to be said.

I don’t miss subzero temperatures and I will be missing the beach and IN-N-OUT.

Is that seaweed or sand?

I will miss my extended family-and will look forward to reunions together!

Love my cousin and the time we had!


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