Still here-just overwhelmed

Wow! I could list it all out for you-which would make you comment things like “I’m so sorry”, “This too shall pass” and “Can I bring you dinner, clean your house and fold your laundry (HA!)?” But I won’t. Let’s just say there’s a lot going on-and that’s just how life is right now-and will probably be for a while. That’s okay…as long as I can have my “Quick Cleans” (where I set the timer for 5-more like 10 min. for what I’m looking at over my laptop monitor-and clean the one room like crazy, then move on to the next room and repeat) I’m going to make it. Oh, and coffee, cookie dough and a husband that will listen and not tell me how to fix things. Yes, that’s all I need right now.

Of course 10 pounds spontaneously exiting my body would be nice-specifically around my belly and behind, a professional house cleaner and someone to insert the long division steps permanently into my 10-year-old’s head so she won’t ever ask me again would be nice, too-but I’m not expecting any miracles. Just cookie dough (which seems to be quite counterintuitive to my first hoped for miracle). Oh well.

Have a great weekend!

La Gringa


3 thoughts on “Still here-just overwhelmed

  1. Jen F. says:

    First. I LOVE that you reference weight loss and cookie dough in the same paragraph WITH mouth watering picture. And second, why would you ever NOT say something that would prompt someone else to offer to bring you dinner, clean your house and fold your laundry??? FYI – my caps represent emphasis, not yelling. 🙂 BTW, I do think I’m on Gringa chocolate chip cookie withdrawals.


  2. I haven’t even started long division with my 10 year old. Now you’re stressing me out! 🙂 I use a similar cleaning strategy. I spend 25 minutes cleaning one room a little extra each day. But each of my kids has a room to clean every day and I spend 5 minutes with each kid helping them clean their room. Timers are awesome and help me speed up productivity. I wish I could bring you some dinner or fold your laundry 🙂


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