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We’re not moving, simplifying, but not moving.

Confessions of a pile-aholic

The sign is gone, the calls have stopped, the house…has gone back to being “not in show home condition”. This last one is the saddest news of all…but it also means that we are again living in our home-the way it should be! The reason we’re not moving: The house didn’t sell and our tenant signed a year lease…so we’d have nowhere to go if it did sell.

Even though we won’t be going from 3200 sq. ft. to 1100 sq. ft. I still feel the challenge to simplify our life. I gave away three large trash bags of my clothes and shoes, mountains of children’s clothing, boxes of unnecessary kitchen items (even things that I thought were necessary but I could figure out how to live without them if I really tried).

It’s nice not to have so much STUFF everywhere-however I’m always amazed at how quickly piles stack up and drawers become hard to close. I read last week that the most important goal for managing our domain is stress reduction. (thank you, Sally Clarkson). So true, isn’t it?

I’ve narrowed down a few areas in my home that just send me over the edge when it comes to stress (the kitchen counters, the loft upstairs and the living room floor and coffee table). If those areas are well managed-then I can handle anything! Okay, almost anything.

Laundry? Now that’s another animal. My sister-in-law suggested declaring a “Naked Day” in which all laundry baskets, washer and dryer would be empty and no one would be making more work for her to do-at least for one day. The girls enjoyed the thought of carrying a day like that out.

Having the girls help me with these tasks is a challenge-but well worth it-they’ll be managing their own stress levels and a home someday, too!


Another way to manage stress.


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