Quiet waters, stagnant pool, class IV rapids?

During a recent conversation with a friend we discussed how there are things in life that fill us up and prepare us for what life brings and things in life that kill our spirits, leaving us feeling more drained than when we started, with nothing more to give.

In my time this morning with the Lord I’ve been reflecting on the verse in the 23rd Psalm that says, “He leads me beside quiet waters.” As a shepherd, David knew there were many waters that were not quiet. Waters that would leave his sheep in jeopardy and in need of more refreshment than ever.

I’ll will be taking a moment today to make a list of quiet waters and then one of stagnant pools or turbulent rapids. May we be led by God to quiet waters that will help me navigate my life and be filled up for my family today.

My own quiet water from our trip to California this year


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