Days 3-6. Yes, we’re lumping today.

These are some of our new friends we've been enjoying this year! And no, we did not plan the black and pink-that just happens when you get 5 girls together-they match!

For an explanation of what I am doing below-go here.

Day 3: I over-commited, big time. I promised the girls we’d go the gym (our new form of P.E.). I also committed to bringing a meal to my cousin’s family (I haven’t talked about this here, but his wife passed away two weeks ago, leaving behind her husband (my cousin) and their 8 year old son. Very, very sad).  I had planned to bring them a meal and then remembered that I had to be home by 3:30pm for the closing on our refinance. I also had committed to attending our home school group’s poetry picnic (which I had moved from Friday to Thursday b/c of weather). What was I thinking!!! So, I popped in an audio CD for the girls (The Candy Shop Wars by Brandon Mull) gave them some playdough and got cooking!

By 11:30am I had: taken the girls to the gym, showered them there then rushed home to bake rolls, meatloaf, cookies and mashed potatoes. Then we ran out the door, played at the park, recited poetry/Bible verses with friends, ran home, threw all of the aforementioned food items into transferable containers and drove 45min. to my cousin’s house, turned around, dropped kids off at my parent’s house (what would I do without them (my parents, not the kids, well, okay, the kids but here I mean my parents, oh my word?!?!) and met Aaron in time for our closing. Phew.

I think we read the Bible that day, too, I’m pretty sure-but it’s all a blur.

Day 4:

Greek Myths (D’Aulaires’ book of)

The Twenty-One Balloons

The rest of the story of Samuel and Saul

They also play TimezAttack for multiplication drills everyday. And spontaneously write letters and stories.

I know there was more, but I can’t remember. Oh, and our friend’s 4 month old was here all day. That was really fun-she’s is adorable-and therefore distracted us a lot.

Day 5 (we’re on Monday now): Stomach bug!! It has been a very loooong time since I have been sick. A got it, too. I don’t think I have ever had an “all movie day” before. We had one yesterday. I did begin a book from The Boxcar Children series.

Today (Day 6) we plan to read these (easier and more fun with a photo, right?) since I am back on top of the world!


I also set up my own reading plan. I have a bazillion (okay, more like six) books that I am in the middle of. Three are “thinker” books and three are fiction/fun books. I won’t tell you how I plan to work my way through finishing them all-I’m too embarrassed and my non planner friends would totally make fun of me. I will tell you it involves a chart (shocking, I know) and blue tape. I am seriously digging into Educating the WholeHearted Child by Clay Clarkson (yes, I have drunk the kool-aid from Sally, now moving on to her husband’s : ) which is helping instill vision into my everyday life with the girls.

On to Day 7 tomorrow!

By the way-the girls are absolutely loving our new plan-and consequently loving on each other more. We still have issues-but I have the space in my day to train, encourage, love, admonish-you get the idea.

La Gringa


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