Classical Music Study

cover of Beethoven's Wig: Sing Along Symphonies

I have always loved classical music. I can play Mary Had a Little Lamb AND Go Tell Aunt Rhody on the piano AND I successfully faked my way through a flute recital in Jr. High so I’d say I’m way over qualified to teach classical music to my children, ha!

Charlotte Mason has a great way of studying musical pieces (basically-listen often and don’t make things too complicated for pete’s sake-let the music speak for itself).

If you’re thinking, “What? There is NO way my kids would listen to classical music Gringa, you’re nutso!” or if you just want to thrill your kids for the fun of it-you MUST check out Beethoven’s Wig  from your local library and put it onto your itunes so you’ll have it forever then buy it from here to be enjoyed for a lifetime! Our library has two of them and we adore them. A great way to get your kids interested in classic pieces as they are all put to hilarious lyrics which stick in your head and include facts about the music and/or composers themselves-so when you hear one on the radio without the words you find yourself inserting the words and running into the name of the composer who wrote the song you are listening to. Very cool for someone as unqualified as me!!

We study a composer for three months at a time. Ideally I like to get books about the composer, check out CDs from the library, and when I’m really lucky-find a fiction book that involves the life of the composer. Recently we read a beautiful story about Vivaldi and a stolen violin, Anna Maria’s Gift  by Janice Jordan. The girls really grasp the composer so much more when we can find a great book to along with it. Also, the site Classics for Kids has a plethora of information, games and segments of radio shows all about various composers. Finding free (or really inexpensive) concerts to attend is also fantastic. We attended Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage with the Colorado Symphony earlier this month and it was delightful!

What are you waiting for? Start listening and discovering the complexities of the classics!!



4 thoughts on “Classical Music Study

  1. My kids are studying Vivaldi too! I leave it to my husband to teach. He majored in music composition 🙂 They are studying the Four Seasons together. I’m definitely going to check out some of the links/books you suggested. Thanks for the post. My kids love classical music. I love that my kids have an appreciation for it. They can recognize some songs on the Barbie movies and name them 🙂 They are going to know way more than I ever did entering college. Have fun!


  2. You can click the Music tab on the Denver Library site to get to a wealth of classical music streaming for free through your computer (which is off). That’s enhanced our classical music study enormously.


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