The Meeting of Temple Grandin

{Be advised-it will take you longer to read this post than it did for S and I to meet Dr. Grandin}

I think what I appreciated the most about randomly meeting Dr. Temple Grandin at the Denver Int’l Airport a week ago was that she was not normal. She did not want to small talk with us, ask anything about us. She shook our hands, didn’t look us in the eye and continued on towards what she was doing (waiting in a restaurant line with a friend). She wasn’t normal!! She wasn’t traveling with her parents (i.e. is living independently) and was just like the movie. So much hope for our sweet girl.

Does that even make sense?

Haven’t seen the movie? You must-it’s really great! She has her PhD and works in the doctorate program at CSU here in Ft.Collins and often speaks on Autism and Animal Husbandry. What a blessing for us. S has really started to own more of her Aspergers diagnosis since last week-telling peers and adults in her life about how cool it was to meet someone like her. God is so good.

La Gringa


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