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Drunk dialing-and other things I do with my friends

I’m officially redefining the term “drunk dialing”. It officially now defines the call (or text) you make with your running partner while warm in your house to go running the next morning, in way below freezing weather, way before the sun comes up, WAY.

The moment of realization comes around 9:30pm when you realize you have to set out 14 layers of clothes, including your super hot construction vest for reflection protection and will be layering all of above said items at 5:02am while praying that its snowing outside and you can go back to bed.

Drunk dial. That’s the only explanation for such events.

Excuse me while I look for my hat and gloves. It’s supposed to be 14 degrees tomorrow morning…


2 thoughts on “Drunk dialing-and other things I do with my friends

  1. You’re crazy… and funny… and right now, I’m thinking in equal amounts, LOL. I do admire your commitment though… it’s almost enough to inspire me to start running in sub-zero temps before the sun comes up… NOT! But you go girl 🙂


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