Farm Life

A few reasons why we moved

cline 010

Upside down swinging-the best kind!

cline 033

Running to see Dad when he gets home from work.

cline 027

When we get overwhelmed with all of the work we have to do-we step outside and b r e a t h e.

cline 026

The barn. Those antlers were there. They’ll be coming down. Just as soon as I find the math books. Priorities!

cline 025

There’s a child in this photo-can you see her? That’s their tree fort.

cline 014

This is where my bluebirds live. I can’t seem to get them to slow down enough to take a picture. And if this new barn cat we have (see upcoming post) tries to kill them I will be one very un-happy city turned country girl.


5 thoughts on “A few reasons why we moved

  1. Aunt Karen says:

    Wow! What beautiful scenery on your OWN property! The girls are going (already do!) to love this place! What wonderful memories they you are building! I too have wonderful memories of the times on Grandma & Grandpa Weaver’s farm in Denver! Know there will be lots of work too! God Bless You!


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