This photo is from Sally’s post about her last tea-I’m so famous ; )

Something hugely fantastic about our move is that we moved about five (5!) miles from Sally Clarkson. For those of you who don’t know who this is, do yourself a huge favor and buy her newest book Desperate. Also, you can click here.

The Lord has used her to keep me going when times are really tough (like now-when I am ready to kick out the children and subdue this house as my own-I’m’ tired of sharing it with sinful people!!). Oops, sorry for the venting-but it’s true! And Sally offers such refreshment, hope, encouragement…I told her she is like Jillian Michaels for moms…as if she’s yelling at us while on the treadmill “keep it up! You can do this! I know this is hard now-but think of the results you’ll get!”.

Sally hosts a “tea” (it used to be at her house-now it’s at the big church, New Life. Once a month I get to receive encouragement and be around other moms (some even have chickens, too!). It’s great. I’m bringing cookies tonight.
Chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate coconut??

Have a great day!

La Gringa

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Tea with Sally


3 thoughts on “Tea with Sally

    • Thanks, Amy. We miss our Uravan friends! I have to say, one thing I truly miss about suburban life is saying to the kids around 4pm, “grab your bikes and go ride for a while. And, find G and T and squirt them with water!” or something like that : )


      • Amy Y says:

        I know the boys miss that, too!! We will probably be moving this Spring/early Summer too.
        It sure looks like the girls are having a blast on the farm!! I know it’d be an awesome place to grow up if you could get past all the critters 😀


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