“Negative Ridiculous” Degrees Fahrenheit

As you may be experiencing if you’re local or have heard and seen on the news if you’re not…it’s really cold. Last night at El Guapo’s Christmas party I heard the word “arctic” used about ten different times. 

I think it was -16’F this morning here at True Mountain Farm. The animals seem to be fairing quite well. The biggest pain, concern, work is keeping the water fresh and unfrozen. It freezes solid after about ten minutes of putting new stuff in. That puts a damper in my daytime activities (i.e. we had to cancel my annual birthday hotel event b/c we couldn’t leave the animals that long). 

But you know what? I love it! It’s beautiful here-so that helps. But there is really, truly something to be said for having to be responsible for something other than yourself (and your children and your husband). I like that the newest kitten (yes, we have another new cat….terrible cat story again-I couldn’t bear to post it, yet, if ever) runs to me in hopes that I (or more often, “A”) will quickly fill his food and water bowl for the morning. The rooster keeps crowing at me. I think it’s done being inside of his coop for three days straight…little does he know how flippin’ cold it is on the other side of the barn door! The Bunny seems to be enjoying her fur coat. The horse just keeps eating hay like crazy-we can’t keep up!

I did get a crazy case of “I haven’t eaten-just had coffee!!-and I’ve been up for four hours and I can’t-feel-my-hands because I got my gloves wet and then stayed outside in the “negative ridiculous” temperatures adding straw to the chicken coop and then started-getting-dizzy-and then just cried on my bed while my children looked on asking if they should call anyone for help”. Geez.

But it was my birthday yesterday so now I am officially 37 (unlike last year when I thought I was 37 only to find out it was a backwards birthday and I was actually 36!). Too bad you can’t go backwards two years in a row. What am I even talking about? I think the cold has gotten to my head.

Signing off this morning. -12’F and rising!!

La Gringa


2 thoughts on ““Negative Ridiculous” Degrees Fahrenheit

  1. Aunt Karen says:

    Lori, i am worried about you! Life is hard in the cold! Take care of yourself! Where are all of the animals kept so that they won’t freeze, that is a mystery to me as to how they stay alive! What is the temperature in the barn! How about trying a greater volume of water so it won’t freeze so fast? Your Mom said that the house stays warm! So sorry I missed you when I called on your birthday, now I know where you were! Brrrrrr! You are in my prayers. Love you!
    Aunt Karen


    • Thank you, Aunt Karen, for being concerned (and for your birthday call!). The chickens have a heat lamp and seem to be doing great. The bunny has her fur-so she’s doing great (we covered her hutch with a tarp and she has a little house to go into that has three sides and a bottom that are solid wood-just a little opening in the fourth side for her to get in and out. The kitten has a little cat house with a blanket and is inside the Quonset Hut-and seems to be doing great! I have figured out my glove issue-making sure to wear a waterproof layer on the outside..that seems to be helping! And it was all the way up to 23 degrees today (but back down to -10 tonight : (
      Love you!!


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