Pretty much sums it up. For all of us!

Let me briefly (that’s a lie. this is not brief. i am not brief. it will more than likely never be brief) explain.
I’ve become somewhat of a, well, anti-establishment-alist. That’s fun to say! I realize it isn’t a word, by the way, in case you were worried that a woman who thinks it is a word is home schooling her children and must be destroying them: “Since she thinks that’s a word what else is she teaching her children?!” they might say. (aren’t you glad I let you in on my mind every once in a while ; )

Anyways-it’s that year where two of my three children must take the dreaded standardized test. It’s the law here in Colorado-well, the test or an evaluation from a licensed, mastered Colorado teacher that states that they are seeing improvement in the student. It’s not entirely that simple but that’s the two choices we have, in a nut shell. I think the girls need to learn how to take tests and since I don’t really think they actually show how much they know we don’t do them much in our curriculum (remember the “anti-establishment-alist mentioned above?)…so I bought this book you see in the picture. I bought them thinking they would be a perfect thing for the girls to do while I recovered from surgery…except that there is tons of math concepts they hadn’t learned yet (and I’d completely forgotten about) so I had to pull out the “algebra for dummies” book and text my mom geometry questions the entire time.

Also-my mom spent an insane amount of time working with the girls (for that, mom, you will have many, many jewels in your crown in heaven and more gray hairs here on earth : ) THANK YOU!!)

From the photo I think it’s plain to see how one child feels about tests. I think I’d use the same adjective to describe working through the book with her, but I would spell it correctly when I’d use it. Just saying.

So-three cheers for standardized testing…and it’s quiet….was that a pin I heard, dropping to the ground?

But my tulips are trying to make an appearance! And we ate outside for lunch and dinner tonight!!

A farm update coming soon!
La Gringa


Pretty much sums it up. For all of us!


One thought on “Pretty much sums it up. For all of us!

  1. Grandma says:

    Ha… as always, your post made me laugh! I’m never brief either which is probably why you and I can go on for hours without hardly taking a breath. I just left a message for Don’s doctor that was so long I got the ‘Your message has exceeded the allowable blah blah blah’, or something like that, but worse part was, ‘and it has already been sent’! Wait!… what?… I wasn’t done and I got cut off right in the middle of a sentence! Oh well… worse things have happened to me… much worse. So, speaking of home schooling, how much do you know about Common Core?… my friend Maggie is the one I first heard about CC from, but it sounds just horrible! Does this Spectrum Test Prep have anything to do with CC?

    Had fun talking to you today… in case I hadn’t already said that, LOL.

    Love you,



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