We have Bees!!

{We interrupt this re-fooding broadcast to bring you breaking news}

This just in! Okay, more like “This just in from Sunday!”. I’m a little behind on this exciting announcement but It’s on the heals of a very busy week-so being that it’s only Friday and I’m posting this isn’t too shabby all things considered!

We have bees! Didn’t you know we were wanting a swarm of bees?! I didn’t tell you? Well, that’s because El Guapo has been heading up most of the farm animal decisions-I just try and learn to keep them a live during the day while he’s at work! (Okay-I actually really like the baby bunnies-they are really snuggly…and I like the chickens now that they are laying eggs…and I like talking to the horse after a long day. Truth be told I am VERY thankful for my husband who seems to shove me off of cliffs (or maybe encourages me to climb higher mountains than I think I can handle). If we go with the latter analogy then I’d say most often the view from the top is delightful and worth the climb.

Good grief! I haven’t even gotten to the point of this post! Here it is, simply stated. El Guapo wanted to raise honey bees so we could have honey (duh). But you have to buy/get/find a swarm (which they do early springtime). Ideally you can find one from the same climate in which you live-proven to withstand your temperatures. On Sunday it happened! Our friend (a.k.a. Beekeeper extraordinaire-among a slew other things he’s good at) called and said that his in-laws-who live just 20min. south of our house and who have a couple of hives themselves-had a swarm they needed him to come down and get. They already had plans to come down on Sunday and harvest their honey so he quickly grabbed his official Bee Swarming Equipment before his family headed down. Then he did the most amazing thing…he called us! And came over and helped us put them in our Top Barre Hive that El Guapo had made a few months ago in hopes of having bees someday. WOW!!

This is where pictures would really come in handy. I don’t have any right now…I think they are on El Guapo’s phone or something. Let’s just say there are A LOT of bees-like upwards of 30,000! I know. that’s a lot of bees. They weighed about 5 pounds! We basically just leave them alone for a year and then this time next year we should be able to harvest our first round (batch?) of honey!

Just had to share.

p.s. t-minus 4 days! Thinking we’ll try out ice cream first. That’s what they recommend. How could I argue with that?!

La Gringa


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