Refooding Day 30 and beyond (let’s try this again)-Part 1

Seal Rock Sunset

Seal Rock, Oregon sunset

If you write a blog and no one ever reads it because the computer ate it can you still refer to it as something you actually wrote? Oh well, here’s goes for a second time!

This got really long (sorry if this bores y’all). I promise to be back to less thought provoking and more crazy stories of our day to day antics soon. In the meantime-here is Part 1 of a 3 part series on our Re-fooding and Beyond ideas…

The premise behind Whole30 is this: Some studies, and the authors’ test subjects’ testimonies also, show that eliminating these certain foods from your diet can help you feel better. The only thing left, they say, is to try it out on yourself. Like a science fair project on your body’s response to eating nothing but fruit, meat, nuts and vegetables (it’s more complicated than that so in case you’re just joining us I’ll direct you to this post). How appropriate, then, to summarize our experiment using the scientific method! Here goes…

The Question: How does my body react to dairy, soy, legumes, gluten, other non-gluten containing grains, sugar & artificial sweeteners? (let’s call these foods Possibly Subversive Foods for short-or better yet PSFs). If I eliminate these PSFs will I feel better?

The Research: Using the studies cited in the book It Starts With Food I believe it’s possible that I could feel much better by eliminating the PSFs.

The Hypothesis: If I remove PSFs from my diet for 30 days and then reintroduce them one at a time, leaving three days in between introducing a new food and during those three days eating no other PSFs than the one introduced I will be able to see how my body reacts and successfully deduce whether any of the accused PSFs are actually subversive to my body & attitude. To delve even further into my hypothesis I was thinking (hoping) that somehow I would lose weight, feel more energy and have less mood swings.

Seal Rock 2014_1 008

 The Experiment: 30 days, no PSFs. No cheating, excuses for cheating, nothing. Day 31 reintroduce dairy, wait. Day 34 reintroduce gluten, wait. Day 37 reintroduce non-gluten grains, wait. Day 40 reintroduce legumes, wait.

The Results: I just felt better. My energy was more even. I seemed happier than before, lost 10 pounds and my skin, especially my face, was really smooth. My new, smaller colon didn’t seem to adjust as I’d hoped. (sorry if that’s TMI but if you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time you know I don’t skirt around the issues). Two of us lost weight, two of us didn’t lose anything and one of us gained weight-which pretty much is a good reflection of what needed to happen anyways. One of us didn’t have to take his heartburn medicine everyday as he was doing before Whole30, er Whole27 (see below). All of us were thankful mom doesn’t have to be THE FOOD POLICE anymore. bleh. That was horrible….

Seal Rock 2014_1 009

Tomorrow we’ll analyze this data and the next day I will offer my conclusive evidence and our future plans. My organic chemistry professor would be so proud!

To be continued tomorrow,

La Gringa



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