Refooding Day 30 and beyond-Part 3

You made it all the way to Part 3! You deserve, ugh, well, not cookie dough but some roasted broccoli. Oh it’s SO good!!

Missed the other parts?

Part 1

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and I now present to you…Part 3 of 3!

Aquarium Playground Fun

Aquarium Playground Fun

Something else I didn’t expect as a result of this experiment? The very interesting conversations I’ve had with my friends and family about food. I have some very progressive eating food people in my life (that’s code for they sprout their oatmeal and use xylitol for a sweetener) and also some very balanced and not so extreme (I know, that’s redundant) friends who eat as close to the source as possible with as few additives as possible. The best conclusion I can come up with is this verse in Ecclesiastes 7:18: “…whoever fears the Lord will avoid all extremes”.  And also, as Americans (see how I just threw you under the bus with me on that one? : ) I think we’ve gotten away from the idea of celebrating with feasts. I mean, we do feast at Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Super Bowl but we do it pretty often during our weeks as well-as a part of our daily diet…the Bible encourages eating with people and refers to food being around while people were happy (which makes sense, right?). My take away from that is this: that as a family we will enjoy food that makes us feel great all the time and enjoy the sweeter, more indulgent meals for special occasions.

My pantry is still cleaned out and has very few PSFs lining it’s shelves (like the flours and rice on the higher shelves, but cake mix way on the top shelf and the soy sauce got put back in, too-those coconut aminos are EXPENSIVE!). Oh, I brought the popcorn back in, too. And tortilla chips. I’ll have those occasionally as will the rest of the fam. I think that’s it, so far.

Seal Rock 2014_1 024

Thank you thank you thank you for sticking with me through this process! For your comments, encouraging words and jokes about how crazy we are/were/are? I really love life with each of you and am so thankful to be journeying right along with you. Please continue to share your own re-fooding (or non-re-fooding) adventures with me-here or in hard copy life. And let’s not have anymore colon cancer, shall we? One 4cm polyp is quite enough for all of us, right?!

May we always be moving further up and further in,

La Gringa


2 thoughts on “Refooding Day 30 and beyond-Part 3

    • Thank you, Kit! I have the Grain Brain on my Kindle to read…looking forward to that (okay, honestly I’m a bit reluctant). Thanks to both of you for joining with us on this journey! So thankful for you in our lives!!


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