Bees! (with pictures this time)

El Guapo emailed me the photos from his phone that he took of the bees and their hive. For the original post about the bees click here.
In the meantime he had to go in and fix something on the hive. He chose the wrong time of day (the hottest) and the wrong kind of protection (a queen sized sheet). Six stings, a frantic run and a pheromone cleanse later he’s doing fine (and so are the bees).

Here they are all clumped together-busy making the comb (is this picture sideways/upside down? I can’t tell):


For those of you concerned for the well-being of my husband the bee-keeping suit is on order and he’ll be making any adjustments to the hive in the coolest parts of the day! Sheesh.


Further up and further in,

La Gringa


Bees! (with pictures this time)


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