From whence we've come

I am posting this photo along with this entry because it helps me with perspective. These two wonderful friends came to visit me at the hospital in February (was that just in February?!). Yes, I brought photo booth props to my surgery and tried to snap goofy photos of everyone that came-except that I forgot most of the time-so these ladies are one of the ones I actually remembered!

Anyways, life is busy again-March was my month “off” to recover. It’s not March anymore. One of the things I have been busiest with is this new job I took on: Director of Classical Conversations in Monument. Classical Conversations (CC) is a community of homeschoolers that meet once/week to receive encouragement and support for the school year. We all go through he same curriculum (and when I say “we” I mean our community here as well as all over the world-63,000 students to be exact).
Anyways…there wasn’t a community here in Monument and I felt that Lord leading our family to pursue this path…so what else was I supposed to do but start one here!

Toto-it’s not March anymore.

I flourish when I’m busy…but it’s a delicate balance between the most important people in my life (El Guapo and tres daughters) and tasks that when completed give me instant gratification.

So I posted this photo to remember. It’s a good thing to never forget from whence you’ve come.

Now I must go and finish up testing the girls on how much they know, don’t know, should know, what I should have taught them, what I taught them and they apparently don’t have any recollection of…yes, it’s also that time of year  : )

Further up and Further in (that’s a C.S. Lewis quote, btw),
La Gringa


From whence we’ve come


2 thoughts on “From whence we’ve come

  1. Ann says:

    Prayers for you and your upcoming endeavor. I know God will bless you and the girls and give you time to organize and lead this new community that you are starting. As always, we are here for you.
    Mom and Dad


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