A Confessional of Sorts

You may remember when I posted about not having an iPhone anymore and how wonderful it was. I also told others how simplified my life had become with my not-so-smart yet brilliantly non-addictive , albeit antiquated, flip phone. All of that is true. Then I dropped it and the screen went blank forever. I was up for a new phone through my phone company. Someone close to me offered to buy me an iPhone (the cheaper price that comes along with an upgrade). I caved. No. “caved” sounds so weak. I “chose” to go back to an iPhone. I’m still not back on Facebook-so there’s less to get distracted with, however I did put on the BBC News app and find myself going to that too often during the day. I can text my friends my facial expressions while eating cake (it was this caramel apple cake I made and the photo just had to be sent!). I can even see when another iPhone friend is texting me with those three little dot thingys (that’s new since my last iPhone)! How did I ever live without that? See how much it’s improved my life?!

I can also post pictures like this from my phone! I know. Instagram. I'm not on that.

I can also post pictures like this from my phone!
I know. Instagram. I’m not on that, either.

Justifying you say? Okay, maybe a little. It is so convenient, though and it really comes in handy when one of the girls is bored and needs to stare mindlessly at a screen for a few/several/”wait, how long have you been playing on my phone?!” minutes.

Okay. My conscious feels better now.

Thanks for listening.

La Gringa


One thought on “A Confessional of Sorts

  1. Anonymous says:

    Go in peace my dear Lori….The Lord has heard you and knows your heart. Embrace this century and enjoy! 🙂 Love you SO much – you do make me laugh! Those 3 little dot thingys are very interesting indeed….

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