Rain. More rain. Snow. Rain. 

We’re majorly under some wet weather these past few weeks. We were in Oregon this time last year and I think it was sunnier there than here! Mother’s Day had us under a foot of snow here at the farm. (See photos below for proof)

El Guapo finished the bathroom-that post will come soon! For now-I’ll leave you with some pics from around the farm, including some from our little pond turned lake. Thanks to our friends (and neighbors) for letting us borrow their canoe!



10 thoughts on “Rain. More rain. Snow. Rain. 

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great pictures! Yes, I would say that pond has turned into a lake! Beautiful! I bet it’s been a lifetime ago you were in a small suburban neighborhood with a small yard! So happy for you guys!
    Love ya
    Aunt Cheri


  2. James and Beth says:

    Wow! next El Guapo will be building a dock! Looks like fun, next time we need to visit you guys in the Spring.


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