El Baño Nuevo is here!


Welcome back! Doesn’t that picture above just scream,

“Good morning! I’ve created an amazing sunrise for you-think how great the rest of your day will be?!” Love, God-the creator of the universe.

I took that picture, well, I hate to tell you this…while on the toilet. I realize this is way too much information however-at our last house-the view outside of our bathroom was much less glorious. It was actually someone else’s front yard. Speaking of toilets…

The Bathroom! We finished it ages ago (okay, May). I no longer have to watch my self use the toilet! Now I can keep my mind on other things than how wide my hips aren’t are aren’t-oh, you get the idea-no more mirror on the shower door! I’ll stop talking now and share photos-which is really why you’re here.

We grabbed this mirror at a garage sale, added knobs we re-purposed from an old oven we found on the property and viola! Hand towel holder! You can also kind of see the beetle kill pine tongue and groove we put up on the wall under the window. We put the same stuff on our ceiling in the kitchen-it’s really great. Oh, we also covered up the sage green paint with gray-to match the rest of the house:


Here’s a big picture of the bathroom. It’s a small space-but this new dresser we turned into a vanity has gobs of drawers-and is also adorable! We painted and distressed it and then El Guapo put his mad skills to work on creating a contoured counter top out of marble tiles-no grout lines-they are just glued together-I think he used glue? He also did some cool tricks so that we only lost about 5″ of drawer space total from the sink and faucet plumbing.

Also-you’ll sort of notice the lights in this photo…we painted them white-they are originally used on electrical substations-something like that. We mounted them on some old wood (we’ll say we got it from the barn-sounds more “pinterest-y’ that way). We also ditched the tiny mirror/medicine cabinet for this gigantor, frame-less one. Between it and the dresser we don’t know what to do with all this space! Oh, but our growing daughters, do-so good thing we’ve got extra space! Sorry the photo is so dark…oh! and isn’t the floor tile cool? Incidentally that’s “the window” from whence the sunrise came:


Here’s a closer-up of those barnwood lights:IMG_2303

Here’s what it looks like if you were a 3-year old walking into the bathroom…3-year olds can really appreciate the details on the dresser/vanity! I told you there were lots of drawers! (Incidentally-just so you know how amazing El Guapo is: he looked for an entire year (who does anything for that long anymore?!) for this dresser-one that was narrow enough, had tons of storage that wouldn’t be lost by adding a sink and one that matched my cottage chic look. I think I should take him out to dinner, don’t you?)IMG_2381

And here’s a crooked picture of the shower! Honestly-why can’t I take a straight photo?! Thanks to my dad’s brilliant idea-we ran the tile all the way up to the ceiling-feels so much bigger! El Guapo also put in recessed shelving, and drilled holes in the little corner shelves for our razors! Maybe we should order dessert!IMG_2382Another view of the shower. I actually had a friend zooming in on these photos on my phone so she could see what kind of hair products I use. I love girlfriends. (DevaCurl, btw)
IMG_2383That’s it! It took maybe two more weeks than we originally planned (so total of six weeks-nights and weekends). The biggest surprise was that with the configuration of the floor/wall heater the new tub wouldn’t go in so we had to cut out all of the drywall under the window (hence the tongue and groove). And thanks to El Guapo’s re-selling of random things we pulled out of the bathroom and other buy/selling techniques he’s mastered over the years-it didn’t cost us much, either! That shower door is my favorite, well, and the dresser. It’s a toss-up. They were both craigslist finds so really I can have two favorites since we got such great deals on them.

“What’s next?” you say? Well, We’re going to try to take a year “off” from projects. Although he’s already installed a water filtration system since this one ended…and I really want a new deck (a house keeper, professional organzer and professional landscaping would be great, too-since you asked)…but it’s nice to have our weekends and evenings to enjoy the farm…so we’ll see. The biggest “next” is the basement…but we try not to talk about it…it’s going to be a lot of work.

Now let’s go enjoy summer, shall we?!

La Gringa


8 thoughts on “El Baño Nuevo is here!

  1. Aunt Cheri says:

    Really great work you guys! Wish I could have you down here in Texas for about 6weeks. We have a bathroom that needs a new look! Impressive


  2. Good post loves! Thanks the accolades!

    One correction that is confusion is you said we bought the mirror at a garage sale and added knobs but I think you mean the window.


  3. James and Beth says:

    I seriously doubt you guys will take a year off, I bet the basement is finished by July 2016! Everything looks so good, I feel like this is HGTV, excuse me, I need to go rip out a wall or something.


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