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Spring: To come into being

Though winter brought cold, snow, ice,

Spring promises to bring new, green, warmth.

Though winter carried frost,

Spring serves me cool mornings and refreshing days.

I can smell the rain that falls on the grass

Hear the robins calling after one another.

I reach for the bird books, binoculars and camera, sandals!

Daffodils, Crocus, new buds on  trees.

The air feels fresh and new.

Fresh and New.

Creatively Floral : )                                                                     Hiking with dad-Boulder Creek

First Hike of the season!                                                Snowy bird feeders=Spring!

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Drunk dialing-and other things I do with my friends

I’m officially redefining the term “drunk dialing”. It officially now defines the call (or text) you make with your running partner while warm in your house to go running the next morning, in way below freezing weather, way before the sun comes up, WAY.

The moment of realization comes around 9:30pm when you realize you have to set out 14 layers of clothes, including your super hot construction vest for reflection protection and will be layering all of above said items at 5:02am while praying that its snowing outside and you can go back to bed.

Drunk dial. That’s the only explanation for such events.

Excuse me while I look for my hat and gloves. It’s supposed to be 14 degrees tomorrow morning…


Happy Birthday to me!

Thirty SIX! Loving it! Also-I was messing around in Picasa and apparently saved the only version of this picture with a “Merry Christmas” greeting…oops.

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Happy Birthday to me!

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Rock climber girls


We love rock climbing! Okay-“S” and I aren’t incredibly thrilled about it but the other three of us love it!

Thanks to our own rock climbing stuff (El Guapo actually sewed kids’ harnesses and chalk bags) we’ve taken the girls a few times on real rocks-all top roping.

Last weekend we checked out the rock wall at the Paul Derda Rec Center and loved it! “A” is super built for this sport. Now if we could just get her skills to pay for college!!



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Guess where we are?

Guess where we are?

Any ideas? You’ll win…nothing but it’s kinda fun to guess, right?!
It’s just been way too serious around here-gotta lighten things up-and what better way to do that than with a mystery photo of my girls on cow statues!

I know at least one person who will get this right away-so you have to wait a couple of days, LAWG, before commenting! : )

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Growing Up Is Hard To Do

I don’t want to grow up-can’t I just grow down or back or something?!?!

I’m in a season right now where I would say it’s very hard to have a daughter with disabilities. Those of you who know S know her to be a sweet loving, kind-hearted young girl. That’s true and I am so thankful for that-especially in these seasons when it’s hard to keep moving forward. I’d rather just move backward, actually. To the days when all we had to do was swing and watch VeggieTales and I could read to her all day. The time before her peers would stare at her and wonder “what’s wrong with that girl”? The age when she was innocent enough to not worry what others thought and be bogged down by thoughts of giving up and going to Jesus, where “there are no Dr.’s!”.

Why am I here, in these thoughts now?

Some of you know that S, amidst her breaking four bones in her foot, amputated the top inch of her finger in a terrible accident involving a lawn chair at our cabin over Labor Day weekend. I haven’t shared much of this traumatic life event with people-just close friends and family. Her finger is healing now-after many many tears, angry fits of rage, surgery and lots and lots of trips to Children’s Hospital Colorado and cries of injustice for a little girl who has already suffered so much.

It’s strange to me that although I was emotionally exhausted over the last two months I seem to be hitting a wall now. Now that the Dr.’s visits have 4 weeks in between each other, her nail has grown back and actually has sparkly red paint on it and she’s not crying herself to sleep every night…I continue to wander. I’m not completely gone, just overwhelmed in a sea of thoughts and emotions. We’ll get through this. God is good and I am thankful to have Him to go to in times like these.

Growing up is way harder than they let on.

La Gringa

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A bit lighter fare

Thank you for joining in on the discussion on my last post. It was great to hear your thoughts and perspectives!

Now, let’s lighten it up a bit and go back packing! Okay-you can just live vicariously through my blog and your living room for the time being.

El Guapo and I celebrated our 15th anniversary this year by going on a three-day (two night) back packing trip. It was really an amazing time-even with the sore muscles (and bones!) and blisters. Being in God’s creation, away from EVERYTHING and soaking up each other’s company was an opportunity I will look forward to doing again and again with this man. The last time we’d gone “packing” was when S was 6 months old and strapped to the front of El Guapo in a snugli. She’s 11 now. Whoa! Needless to say-11-year old dehydrated pinto beans have a very long shelf life-and still satisfy weary hikers after a long day!

For those of you who aren’t sure what “backpacking” is: It’s like camping but you carry everything in your backpack. We parked and strapped on our packs for the eight mile hike up and into the mountains, camped for two nights and then hiked out. Our packs weighed 45lbs (me) and 55lbs(El Guapo). We packed too much food for the trip-so these were heavier than they should’ve been.

We hiked into the Indian Peaks Wilderness area, specifically eight miles to Gibraltar Lake. We were the only ones on the mountain (we saw lots of people heading up but none went all the way to the area we were in). We had the entire mountain(s) to ourselves! Here are the photos to prove it (some of these are on facebook-sorry if you’ve seen them already).

*Note: If you click on one of the photos it will open up a slideshow-type view. You should be able to click-through the photos that way using the arrows on the right and left-they are bigger this way, too : )

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Candlelight Dinner Playhouse

Tevye, Golde and their other daughters

If you read my last post-or if you just know my parents-you’ll remember that I believe them to be truly the most self-sacrificing, generous people I know. Example #422: The Candlelight Dinner Playhouse. They love performances-theatrical & musical. They have taken us to countless performances (the Arvada Center has fantastic shows, too!). Over the years we’ve seen at The Candlelight: Wizard of Oz, The King and I, Huck Finn (or was it Tom Sawyer-I can’t remember the actual name of that one) and most recently Fiddler on the Roof. The girls love it. El Guapo and I love it.

The Food

Since it’s a Dinner Playhouse you get a full meal included in your ticket price. The dessert and drinks (I think) are extras. The food is really good and the best part of all-the cast are the servers and are often in costume and character while serving. How fun to get your Shirley Temple served to you by the Wicked Witch of the East (or is it West?) with her green hands extending out of her black dress?!

The Show

The performances are fantastic! Most often they are musicals. I always cry, always. I love musicals on stage or on the screen. To think that these actors are serving us dinner and drinks and within five minutes are on stage acting as though it’s all they’ve been preparing for and thinking about is quite amazing. Often the same actors are in different plays; it’s fun to see “The Lion” as “Tevye”. The photo above is with Tevye and his wife Golde. They played opposite each other but are also husband and wife. They are genuinely wonderful people and phenomenal actors.

I hope you get to go sometime soon.

La Gringa