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Your turn!


I would love to hear from each of you on how you foster love between siblings. This can be something you’ve done in the past that worked or something you are doing now. Even an idea you saw that you thought about using but haven’t had a chance to yet. Use the “leave a comment” link at the bottom of this post to add your thoughts!


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This photo is from Sally’s post about her last tea-I’m so famous ; )

Something hugely fantastic about our move is that we moved about five (5!) miles from Sally Clarkson. For those of you who don’t know who this is, do yourself a huge favor and buy her newest book Desperate. Also, you can click here.

The Lord has used her to keep me going when times are really tough (like now-when I am ready to kick out the children and subdue this house as my own-I’m’ tired of sharing it with sinful people!!). Oops, sorry for the venting-but it’s true! And Sally offers such refreshment, hope, encouragement…I told her she is like Jillian Michaels for moms…as if she’s yelling at us while on the treadmill “keep it up! You can do this! I know this is hard now-but think of the results you’ll get!”.

Sally hosts a “tea” (it used to be at her house-now it’s at the big church, New Life. Once a month I get to receive encouragement and be around other moms (some even have chickens, too!). It’s great. I’m bringing cookies tonight.
Chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate coconut??

Have a great day!

La Gringa

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Tea with Sally

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Giving Credit, Where Credit is Due

Do you believe in God? I mean really believe there is something more out there? The girls and I have been studying (with a fine toothed comb I might add-thanks to Genevieve Foster’s book) the ancient world and their attempts at answering some very important questions-ones that continue to come up thousands of years later:

1-What is this world we live in and how was it created?

2-How can we live in it with other people and be happy?

3-What will happen to us when we die?

Foster goes through several major people groups and their beliefs at the time. One thread remains-they all believed there was something more to life than themselves.

So were these people just dumb and we’ve evolved to where we are today-a world where atheism is growing ?

They didn’t seem stupid.

The girls and I study our faith and others’ attempts at answering the top three questions. Why do we believe this guy named Jesus was savior of the world? How do we know Isis isn’t the Goddess we should be following? If we did explode into this universe what purpose does that give us for living here?

I’m curious how you believe and how you pass this on to your children. There are some interesting things going on in our courts today that could affect how we teach our children. I’m very interested to hear your perspective.

So what do you think?

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Candlelight Dinner Playhouse

Tevye, Golde and their other daughters

If you read my last post-or if you just know my parents-you’ll remember that I believe them to be truly the most self-sacrificing, generous people I know. Example #422: The Candlelight Dinner Playhouse. They love performances-theatrical & musical. They have taken us to countless performances (the Arvada Center has fantastic shows, too!). Over the years we’ve seen at The Candlelight: Wizard of Oz, The King and I, Huck Finn (or was it Tom Sawyer-I can’t remember the actual name of that one) and most recently Fiddler on the Roof. The girls love it. El Guapo and I love it.

The Food

Since it’s a Dinner Playhouse you get a full meal included in your ticket price. The dessert and drinks (I think) are extras. The food is really good and the best part of all-the cast are the servers and are often in costume and character while serving. How fun to get your Shirley Temple served to you by the Wicked Witch of the East (or is it West?) with her green hands extending out of her black dress?!

The Show

The performances are fantastic! Most often they are musicals. I always cry, always. I love musicals on stage or on the screen. To think that these actors are serving us dinner and drinks and within five minutes are on stage acting as though it’s all they’ve been preparing for and thinking about is quite amazing. Often the same actors are in different plays; it’s fun to see “The Lion” as “Tevye”. The photo above is with Tevye and his wife Golde. They played opposite each other but are also husband and wife. They are genuinely wonderful people and phenomenal actors.

I hope you get to go sometime soon.

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Our curriculum this year takes us around the world, exploring different countries as we move around the continent.

Early February had us in Germany. We have two weeks to study the specific country. The curriculum suggests to have a dinner party at the end of the two weeks that includes specific foods from that country. Although I haven’t pulled that off for every country-we did for Germany-with the help of my German neighbor and friend. She was awesome and helped me plan a wonderfully delicious typical German meal: Spatzle (see first photo), Schnitzel and Black Forest Cake. She and I (and our six kids) cooked all afternoon and feasted together once the dads got home. A really great way to celebrate Germany’s culture and friends all at the same time!

She had this really cool grater thingy that made these Spatzle noodles. They were really good!



The kids helped decorate the black forest cake. Yummy!

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A Better Mom

I’m headed to the MomHeart conference today and tomorrow. There are a total of nine of us that will be there (of my friends). Three are coming from Pagosa Springs (of which I only know one personally) and the other six are from ’round here. I think there’s about 200 mommas coming altogether.

I’m anxious to share with you my “take-aways” from my time. I’m also anxious to leave my children with my parents and then my husband, drive down to the hotel with a friend I’m way overdue on catching up with, eating pizza and (oh-i need to bake cookies!) and getting completely re-energized for the next few months. I kind of feel like I did when I had “Senior-itis” in high school or college.

As a side note-I explained to A (the middle child) about how I would be leaving today to learn how to be a better mom.
I asked her if she thought there was anything I needed to learn.  “Oh yes!” she said. She also said:

“Oh, I hope you learn a lot. Like a million things. Like that you shouldn’t yell at your kids and you should give them whatever they want when they ask you for things and that you should obey them more, like when I say ‘Mom, can you come here I have something to show you’ you’ll actually come and see it”

Well, I guess that’s what I get for asking! Sheesh.

Here’s to a great weekend for all of us!

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Sewing Projects

I hem. Therefore I don’t think I really sew, I think I just hem. I’m not a perfectionist which makes it hard to have things fit correctly when you’re aiming for the clothes not to fall off or the dress to go over your hips (or head). My mom, she sews. My grandma, she’s amazing. Her bucket list has three things on it-two of which involve finishing her latest skirt/blouse combo. Not me. Did I mention I just hem? I’ve considered taking classes at the local Fancy Tiger but I could just as easily learn from my mom. I’ll let you know how that works out.

In the meantime-I’m bound and determined to teach my girls to sew, er, I mean hem : ) Here’s some recent photos of two projects we did together (they cut and used the machine-all I did was pin and iron). Very proud of my little seamstresses in the making. I have some of M making a blanket but haven’t downloaded those yet…oops.

The photo of “Little Singer” is S using my sewing machine I used to use when I was little. The nostalgia was much better than reality, though. It’s small and doesn’t go backwards-and I couldn’t get the bobbin to refill (it’s this special tiny little thing) so we finished up on the Bernina-ah…I love my Bernina. $10 at a school auction sale-thanks AD (that’s my bff from college) for the great buy-has it already been?- 14 years ago?!


Sorry for the previous no-photo blog posts. That’s just not fun at all!

La Gringa Cafe tonight-Chicken Pot Pie, Fried Rice and Tacos on the menu-and of course chocolate chip cookies for dessert : )

La Gringa

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Homeschool appetite

I just realized, thanks to the Lord and my time with him this morning, that I home school like I eat!!


You see-I don’t always eat that healthily although I know what is good for me, I enjoy a cracker over an apple, cookie dough over, well, anything. I enjoy eating everything. I don’t often savor the flavor-okay, that’s not true, I enjoy really good food, but I often choose to eat a lot of it-and then feel really fat and bad afterwards.

I do this with our school lessons, too! I get really excited about something and we “eat” a lot of it at once. Then we put it down and move on to something else-without really being able to digest the things prior.

I’m still getting a handle on this idea-and what the Lord wants me to do with this new wisdom He’s imparted to me…

Excuse me while I go make breakfast-I think we’ll have a very balanced meal…at least today.

La Gringa

p.s. that pizza was really good, by the way. It was in Brooklyn. I want to go to there.

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Quiet Times for Kids

Above is a fun photo of some of our kids. She has 6 (and prego with #7).

My best friend from college has written a curriculum for kids that gets them into God’s word all by themselves! Isn’t that cool? She’s got some great idea for Christmas and Advent, too-just in time! Check it out here.

She offers a free trial download which I recommend. Just in time to put volume 1 and 2 on your Christmas lists! She is also offering 50% with the coupon code-I think it’s “halfoffsale” but watch the video-it shows up at the end.

Here’s how she describes her curriculum:

Quiet Times for Kids is a series of independent bible study resources specifically designed to develop quiet time habits in young children that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Quiet Times for Kids is created for ages 5 and older and provides a great way for children to study their Bibles and develop independent learning skills while they’re at it!

Happy studying!

La Gringa